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Major Fire Updates -Blue Mountains District


Current Fires and Incidents 



The population across the district is 75,000 people who live in, or in the vicinity of 27 towns and villages across the Mountains. The local government area covers 143,000 hectares of land in the Greater Sydney Region.

About 70 per cent of the area is incorporated into the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park, with approximately 11 per cent of the total land area in private ownership. 

Current Incidents

 This is a mirror of the NSW Rural Fire Service Current Fires and Incidents map and has been localised for the Blue Mountains district. It should be at most a few minutes behind. Please refresh your webpage to continue gaining updated information.

Disclaimer: This information is extracted from the NSW Rural Fire Service Incident Database. It is not 'real time' information, but is provided as a general indication of current activity.

Please listen to your ABC Local Radio station if you are in a hazardous situation.


Important Information during high fire danger days

 On days of increased fire danger in many parts of NSW, you should continue to monitor weather conditions and fire activity in your area. Stay up to date and share information with your family and friends.

Below are a number of links to determine the current situations in your area.


Current fires and incidents

If you see or smell smoke in your area, check for information on our clickable map.

Major fire updates

During times of major fire activity, check for updates here.

Fire danger ratings

It's important you know the Bush Fire Danger Rating for your area. The higher the fire danger, the more dangerous the conditions.

Social media links

Get up to date information through the NSW RFS on Facebook or the NSW RFS on Twitter.

What to do in a fire

If a fire impacts on your property, know what you will do.

Bush Fire Survival Plan

It's important you and your family know what to do if a fire starts in your area. Download your plan here.

Check weather conditions in your area

Check current weather conditions and forecasts.

National Parks closures

Information on park closures and park fire bans.

Road information

Check road conditions in your area. Remember roads may be closed without warning.

Survive the heat

Important advice from the Ambulance Service of NSW


Important contacts

Report all fires to Triple Zero - 000

NSW RFS Bush Fire Information Line - 1800 679 737 

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